Other Ejector Solutions

Flare Gas Recovery & Zero Flare Solutions

Ejectors are ideally suited to Flare Gas Recovery as they can entrain and compress waste and surplus gas to a pressure where the gas can be recovered back into production or used as fuel gas. Our most popular solution, FlareJet, offers compressions of up to 150:1

For more information, please visit our site: FlareGasRecovery.co.uk

Produced Water & Sand Management Solutions

With no moving parts and abrasion resistant materials, Ejectors are ideal for use throughout the produced water treatment process. This includes Sand Slurry Pumping from Separators, Sand Cleaning & Recycling, Micro-Bubble Generation and Vessel Gas Recovery

Subsea Processing

With no moving parts and no maintenance Transvac’s Ejector technology is an ideal solution for subsea processing. To ensure trouble-free operation, all Transvac subsea Ejectors are designed, manufactured and tested in-house. Operating rotating mechanical equipment subsea requires huge amounts of energy, often megawatts of power. Ejector technology can operate using existing energy and therefore operating costs can be negligible. Rotating mechanical equipment also requires special designs for performing subsea. Ejector designs change very little whether subsea or topside.