Compressor Replacement & De-bottlenecking Solutions

with Ejector Technology

Replacing a 1st stage Compressor

Ejectors can be used to completely replace existing mechanical compressors. With no maintenance and utilising available energy, this approach can often be justified on lower CAPEX and OPEX alone. In this example, high pressure gas from the 1st stage separator is used to power the Ejector, boosting the pressure of the 4th stage separator gas. The Ejector discharges at the required inlet pressure for the 2nd stage compressor, thus completely eliminating the need for the expensive mechanical 1st stage compressor.

Using an Ejector to replace a compressor stage.
  • Flare Gas of 2 MMscfd at 1bara captured and delivered at the suction pressure of 2nd stage compressor
  • Used energy that was already available
  • 1st stage compressor was removed from service. It simplified system operation and reduced maintenance costs
  • Gas no longer burned to power this compressor