Enhanced Recovery & Production Solutions

Enhanced Recovery & Production Solutions

Ejectors offer an attractive solution for enhanced recovery, extending field life and maximising recovery. topside or subsea, newbuild or retrofit, our solutions offer huge benefits with the shortest of pay-back timescales.

Flare Gas Recovery & Zero Flare Solutions

Compressor Replacement & Debottlenecking Solutions

Maintaining production from ageing facilities is often restricted due to process limitations of existing mechanical compressors. Transvac's Ejectors are ideal for retrofit in these instances to improve throughput or even eliminate entire compressor stages.

Subsea Compression & Flow Assurance Solutions

Subsea Compression & Flow Assurance

As the industry pushes for more processing to be done subsea, many technologies fall by the wayside. With no moving parts or power requirements, Ejectors are ideally suited to this challenging environment. Subsea compression and flow assurance is our speciality.

Research & Development Test Facility

Research & Development Test Facility

Transvac's R&D Test facility ensures the very latest in innovative Ejector design for your solution. With high and low pressure flow loops, along with multi-phase and sand slurrry capabilities, we can guarantee the performance of your Ejectors, so you have complete confidence when it matters most.

How an Ejector works

Ejectors use a high pressure to entrain a low pressure and discharge at a medium pressure

Ejectors use a high pressure to entrain a low pressure to discharge at a medium pressure

Why choose Ejectors?

Here's a few reasons...

  • Zero emissions
  • No moving parts
  • No Maintenance
  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to control
  • Low cost & weight
  • Topside or subsea installation
  • Short pay-back & significantly cheaper than mechanical pumps / compressors
  • Performance easily modified to suit depleting well conditions
  • Handles solids and two-phase without damage